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Film review: Survivor - Milla Jovovich, Pierce Brosnan in ridiculous thriller

The plot is implausible and the characters such genre stereotypes this film is almost a parody. Brosnan hams it up as an assassin, while Jovovich darts around London on the run

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 26 January, 2016, 7:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 26 January, 2016, 7:00am

Most thrillers take a few liberties with the plot to tie up loose ends. But Survivor features so many implausible moments it becomes ridiculous. It’s impossible to watch the film without continually wondering how the characters manage to get away with what they do; clumsy special effects and a below-par script only make things worse.

Set mainly in London, and making quite good use of the city’s landmarks, Survivor unspools like an episode of television’s MI-5. Jovovich plays Kate, a US security expert working in London who uncovers a plot to bomb New York’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Framed for the murder of a colleague, she goes on the run. But can Kate get to nefarious hitman Nash (Pierce Brosnan) before the security services get to her?

An opening battle scene in the Middle East is promising, but after that it’s all downhill. Even the laziest filmgoer will be able to work out what’s coming next, and the characters are such genre stereotypes it’s almost a parody. Director James McTeigue, who’s a well-respected second unit director, can’t raise the tension in the action scenes, and the film quickly bores.

Brosnan has a good time hamming it up as a heartless assassin, but why Jovovich is forced to spend the whole film darting around with black smudges on her face is a mystery. Both actors deserve better.

Survivor opens on January 28