Nine great places in Causeway Bay for lunch or dinner

From Chinese to Japanese and Korean restaurants, there is a cornucopia of choice for lovers of Asian food. There are plenty of options, too, for those craving an international dining experience.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 30 July, 2015, 11:55am
UPDATED : Monday, 24 April, 2017, 12:09pm

There are so many restaurants in Causeway Bay you wouldn't want to wade through a list of them all. From Chinese to Japanese and Korean restaurants, there is a cornucopia of choice for lovers of Asian food. There are plenty of choices, too, for those craving an international dining experience - among them high-profile newcomers such as Penthouse and Jamie's Italian. Here are nine places that found favour with our reviewers over the past 12 months or so. Click on the headlines to open full reviews for each restaurant.

Putien offers Fujianese cuisine with an addictive chilli sauce

Braised pig intestines were fantastic, with clean, rich flavours and a soft, fatty texture ... Stir-fried yam flavoured with spring onions and sugar [was] addictive.


Restaurant review: Yukimura Japanese Cuisine

Inaniwa udon with Angus beef and Japanese vegetables  was warming, with toothsome noodles and tender meat. It was much better than the grilled rice ball with eel.










Eighteen Sharp - modern Chinese cuisine

The final savoury dishes were good: a delicious bowl of poached baby vegetables in a richly flavoured fish broth, and fried rice with crab roe and deep-fried  conpoy

Penthouse delivers the high quality typical of chef Harlan Goldstein

Spanish pork chop with melting taleggio, funghi misti and grain mustard  was an excellent main course — so good that I picked up the bone. 










Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant - great desserts

We loved the desserts: the sweet mashed taro with gingko  had one guest — who said she disliked taro — cleaning her bowl of the creamy mixture.




BBQ 7080, Korean - fun and lively dining

Korean pork belly was excellent. It was thickly sliced, and the staff patiently helped us grill it, so the skin and fat were nicely charred and rich 





, Causeway Bay - you're spoilt for choice

The Ferrarini cold cut platter had a great selection of top quality meats ... The pizzas were excellent, with a puffy, chewy crust











Yakiniku Futago HK offers quality barbecue

We prefer unmarinated meat, but the barbecue sauce on the wagyu prime karubi was good — it was light and not too sweet.









Jamie's Italian is a mixed bag

Pasta dishes can be ordered in small or large portions. We liked them all ... "Our famous prawn linguine" was delicious ... Even better was the truffle tagliatelle









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