Restaurant Review

Restaurant review: Bun Cha Vietnamese, Central - filling and good value

The food is light and well flavoured at this small, simply decorated restaurant. You'll stuff yourself for under HK$150

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 October, 2015, 10:01am
UPDATED : Monday, 24 April, 2017, 10:19am

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Price: about HK$150 for a very filling meal without drinks. There’s no service charge.

Ambience: small and basic, without much decor other than a few red hanging lanterns. The open kitchen is separated from the dining area by a chest-high barrier.

Recommended dishes: the waitress recommended the cha nem (HK$88): fried spring rolls well-stuffed with pork, shrimp and other ingredients, and with a delicate, crisp rice paper wrapper. They were served with a sufficient number of lettuce leaves, plus fresh mint and basil.

We had the same spring rolls with rice vermicelli (HK$80) – a light, fresh tasting dish with a good amount of vegetables and herbs. The lemongrass pork vermicelli (HK$68) featured tender meat.

Lemon grass chicken wings with butter (HK$48) came topped with fried garlic, and although they weren’t as buttery or rich as the ones we’ve tasted at other restaurants, they were crisp and moist.

Pros: there’s only one server and one cook, both of whom were friendly.

Cons: cha ca lot – grilled pork patty with pepper leaves (HK$68) was overcooked so the thin leaves were burnt.

The broth for the pho bo (HK$68) noodles with thinly sliced sirloin  didn’t have a very beefy flavour, but it was clear, light and hot, and we preferred it to the pho Ha Noi (HK$78), which had thicker slices of beef and more ginger in the broth.

What else? When we visited, they didn’t have beer and a couple of dishes on the menu were crossed out, with the promise that they’d be “available soon!” The restaurant is cash only. 

Bun Cha Vietnamese Cafe & Restaurant, shop 1, King Ho Building, 41-49 Aberdeen Street, Central, tel: 2858 1900