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Restaurant review: Ebb & Flow at the Park Lane Hong Kong in Causeway Bay

Colourful presentation of tapas, but sometimes lacking in flavour. Great for éclair lovers

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 October, 2015, 12:01pm
UPDATED : Monday, 05 October, 2015, 2:56pm

The Park Lane Hong Kong in Causeway Bay has recently undergone renovations, including the lobby area, part of which has now been converted into a lounge/cafe area called Ebb & Flow (tel: 2839 3377).  

It’s a relaxing space with comfortable seating and marble or wooden tables that are great for a solo diner grabbing a quick bite to eat or a larger group meeting for drinks after work. Even better for those who need to stay connected, some tables are powered for people to plug in their laptops or phones.

The menu is on an iPad that is relatively easy to navigate, although the selection of dishes is quite limited. For example there are nine tapas to choose from, five tray items (that are only available at lunch, but would be nice to have for dinner), five salads, and the only desserts are éclairs.

 We sampled five international tapas. The spiced beef shin (HK$78) featured meaty, moist cubes of beef layered with cartilage drizzled in Chinese chilli sauce that gave a nice kick, while the savoury taste of the crispy deep-fried cheese cubes (HK$68) was balanced by the sweetness of berry jam.  

 Marinated pan-fried scallops (HK$88), flavoured with lemon zest, were overcooked,

while the Vietnamese rice rolls (HK$88) were refreshing, although on the pedestrian side.

The Indian eggplant (HK$68) turned out to be like pani puri  – crunchy, hollow spheres, but we couldn’t discern any eggplant in the filling.

 We wanted some greens so ordered the ceviche salad (HK$168)  – a colourful presentation: raw scallops and tuna mixed with butter lettuce, avocado, cherry tomatoes and thin radish slices. We would have appreciated smaller chunks of seafood to balance out the deliberately small butter lettuce leaves and cherry tomatoes.

To finish the meal, if you don’t like éclairs, you’re out of luck.

The raspberry éclair (HK$38) has hot pink icing on top and combined with chocolate mousse, is an over-sweet finish. However the red beans in the matcha éclair (HK$38) were not as saccharine.

There’s also a small selection of drinks. If you are a coffee aficionado, there’s a steampunk coffee machine for your brew.