Restaurant Review

Newly opened Momotaro in Central - impressive Japanese fare

Beautifully presented seafood and a showstopping wagyu beef and foie gras dish are the highlights at this restaurant

PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 October, 2015, 12:01pm
UPDATED : Saturday, 16 January, 2016, 10:28pm


Wellington Street offers plenty of choice for those in search of Japanese food, and the newest is Momotaro (tel: 2865 0005), which is at the western end of the street, near to where it meets Queen’s Road Central. The restaurant has a contemporary vibe with moody lighting, elaborately cut panels, and Tokyo street art. Tables are spaced to give you adequate privacy, which is a refreshing change from many other restaurants in the area.

The drinks menu is extensive with a focus on Japanese whisky and other wine and spirits. Their signature cocktail, Yama Momo Taro, (HK$120) is a  refreshing combination of sake and fruit including yamamomo, or mountain peach (it’s also known as yang mai or Chinese bayberry). The strong drink packed a mildly sweet punch and went down smoothly.

The menu offers an adventurous range of Japanese fusion cuisine. The waitress recommended the starter of Japanese edamame with truffle and sea salt (HK$88). The large serving of crunchy fresh soybeans were generously sprinkled with truffle, although the dishes that followed were more interesting.

Delicate slices of Japanese yellowtail carpaccio with jalapeno (HK$200)  were perfectly married with a subtle dressing then topped with jalapeno chilli that enhanced the flavour of the fish.

The most aesthetically pleasing dish was undoubtedly the sweet shrimp tartare with caviar (HK$180). The dish comes in various fish options including salmon, yellowtail and toro. Where many other Japanese fusion spots drown their food with sauce, we were happily surprised with the minimalist take.

The real showstopper of the evening was the miso-marinated foie gras with seared Japanese wagyu beef in soy sauce (HK$350 half, HK$600 full). We opted to try the half-sized portion, which was enough for t wo people to share. The sliced beef was tender and cooked perfectly rare, and had a hint of sweetness from the sauce. The generous pieces of foie gras complemented the beef with rich saltiness.

UG/F, 198 Wellington Street, Central, tel: 2865 0005
Open: 12noon to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm
[email protected]