Newly opened Butcher & Baker, Kennedy Town – eclectic Western dishes

Oysters, pizza, tacos, and pork belly among the varied choices on the menu

PUBLISHED : Monday, 25 January, 2016, 11:19am
UPDATED : Monday, 25 January, 2016, 11:21am

Butcher & Baker opened without fanfare in Kennedy Town, with an inviting front displaying an old black bicycle and vases of colourful silk flowers.Near the entrance is a butcher who offers fresh cuts and home-made sausages for takeaway, and inside is a large dining area offering a variety of Western dishes.

We wondered if there would be enough customers to fill such a large space, but saw that as the evening progressed, several groups of diners came in and filled one large section of the restaurant.

The menu is eclectic, listing such things as fresh oysters (HK$45 each), lamb chop lollipops, pizza and vegetarian dumplings.

We ordered miso cod tacos (HK$120) which were served in small, soft flour tortillas. Unfortunately, the cod was lost among the other ingredients, which included shaved lettuce, avocado and a touch of salsa. The addition of shiso leaf added some zest.

Next came The Hippy Italian pizza (HK$130), with Italian pepperoni, mozzarella and fresh oregano, although we didn’t taste much of the last ingredient. This pizza wasn’t particularly outstanding, and it got cold fast, as we sat near the entrance where the doors are perpetually open.

The pork belly main course (HK$195) was a colourful dish, with sweet potato mash, roast beets, apple sauce and kale. The pork itself had a wonderful crunchy skin, and tender meat that went well with the apple sauce.

Unfortunately we were too full to try desserts, which include pavlova smash (HK$95), Belgian waffles and ice cream (HK$95) and mega chocolate sundae (HK$95). We did taste refreshing fruit juice concoctions Zingy Zest (HK$70), with citrus flavours added to coconut water and apple, and The Classic (HK$65) featuring carrot, apple, lemon and coconut water.

Service on the whole was friendly and efficient.

Butcher & Baker, On Fat Building, 57-59 Cadogan Street, Kennedy Town, tel: 2591 0328