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Restaurant review: Min Saam Gun, Central - beef noodles cooked your way

Restaurant adopts Japanese ramen shop concept, giving diners choice over how their beef and noodles are cooked and served. The rich beefy broth and good-quality meat make it a winner

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 06 July, 2016, 12:18pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 06 July, 2016, 12:17pm

If you’re big on beef you’ll love Min Saam Gun, which applies the Japanese ramen concept to humble beef noodles.

Diners at this restaurant in Central can choose how long their beef is cooked, and in which broth (white beef bone, black beef bone or fish), how soft to make the noodles, and which other ingredients to add to the bowl - with the eight choices including Mexican chilli, sesame, fried onions and Chinese celery. The beef broth is boiled for 12 hours.

Min Saam Gun is a sister restaurant to Ngau Saam Gun, another specialist beef joint in Central, one of whose bosses supplies wholesale beef from local brown cattle to other restaurants and hot pot shops, hence the meat’s good quality.

Different beef cuts are served each day. We order the select hand-cut beef noodle (HK$118) with shank, and asked for the beef to be half-cooked. The black beef broth was a delight, with a hint of Chinese medicine flavours. Cooked with bay leaf, white chilli, carrot and onions, it had a strong, beefy flavour.

For those who don’t like fatty beef, the fresh hand-cut beef noodle (HK$78) contains leaner meat.

We also liked the simmered pork knuckle dried noodle (HK$98). The Taiwanese pork is stewed for four hours with black beans, ginger and onions.

The dried tofu with black sugar and minced ginger(HK$33) was a good snack for nibbling alongside the noodle dishes.

The restaurant is decorated with Chinese paintings and rows of cabinets reminiscent of the kind you see in old Chinese medicine shops, giving it a classical retro feel.

Min Saam Gun, 43 Gough Street, Central, tel: 2388 6982. Open: noon-9pm