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Restaurant review: The Poke Co – Hawaiian dishes with a Japanese twist

The smoked chicken poke was a standout but the serving sizes and price may make this newly opened establishment in Wan Chai off-limits for some

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 24 November, 2016, 12:58pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 January, 2017, 10:53am

Fancy some mix-and-match superfood with Hawaiian and Japanese flavours? The Poke Co,which opened recently in Wan Chai, offers just that. The brightly lit and spacious restaurant offers poke (pronounced po-kay) – the Hawaiian word for “to cut or slice”, which is raw fish salad in Hawaiian indigenous cuisine. Japanese migrants to the southernmost US state later added a twist to the dish, adding sushi rice and miso sauce.

The Poke Co offers six standard house poke dishes, or diners can mix and match, choosing from a wide range of ingredients.

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We tried the classic tuna (HK$98 for regular) with kale, cucumber, sweet onion, pickled ginger, and enjoyed the appetising sweet-and-sour Island Sauce made with honey, citrus and coconut oil.

We also ordered the smoked chicken poke (HK$98 for regular) with brown rice, dried coconut, cucumber, carrot and fried shallots. The smoked chicken cubes were delicious and went well with the spicy wasabi mayonnaise.

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Those who want a customised version (HK$108 for medium and HK$128 for large) can choose a base of brown rice, zoodles (Italian zucchini sliced into stands), quinoa or kale. They then select a protein such as Japanese tuna, Norwegian salmon, shrimp, chicken or tofu. Then they select two vegetables from a choice of eight and pick a sauce from citrus miso, island sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, Korean fire sauce or Hong Kong XO sauce.

Compared to Teppei Syokudo, also in Wan Chai, whichopened recently and also sells sushi salad bowls, the bowls in The Poke Co are much smaller. The regular standard bowls and medium customised bowls we ordered were not filling enough, so although we enjoyed the flavours, The Poke Co seems overpriced.

The Poke Co, Rialto Building, 2 Landale Street, Wan Chai, tel: 3705 1782. Open: 11am-10pm

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