Hong Kong dining recommendations

Top 10 most recommended Hong Kong restaurants, for visitors and Hongkongers alike

Dim sum delights, classic Hong Kong tea cafe fare, posh burgers, the finest of fine dining - see the pick of city’s 14,000 restaurants

PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 January, 2017, 6:33am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 January, 2017, 10:48am

One of the most important questions visitors to Hong Kong ask when they get here is, “Where is the best place to eat?” The answer, of course, depends on who you’re asking. We’ve had nearly 200 local foodies, entrepreneurs and influencers share their favourite restaurants and bars with us in the past three and a bit years. In a city of more than 14,000 restaurants serving scores of different cuisines, it’s not surprising that hundreds have earned recommendations. Still, there are some that make our interviewees’ selection frequently. So we thought we’d share with you the ones whose names come up again and again.

Here, then, is our list of Hong Kong’s top 10 most recommended places to eat, plus an interactive map to make it all the easier for you – and your overseas guests – to find them.

Hong Kong’s most recommended restaurants

1. Din Tai Fung  (18 mentions)

2. Amber (11 mentions)

3. 8 ½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana (9 mentions)

4. Duddell’s (9 mentions)

5. Tsui Wah  (9 mentions)

6. Luk Yu Tea House (7 mentions)

7. Sevva (7 mentions)

8. Yardbird (7 mentions)

9. Butchers Club Burger (6 mentions)

10. Chom Chom (6 mentions)

*Ranking based on tally from our “I know a place” print column. Where more than one place received the same number of mentions, we have listed them in alphabetical order .

Where to find them