Hong Kong dining recommendations

Favourite Hong Kong restaurants of Monica Shum, Tiffany marketing director and Happy Valley resident

A reasonably priced neighbourhood restaurant, a tiny bakery shop and the place that makes the best Hainan chicken rice in Hong Kong are among Shum’s regular haunts

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 10 October, 2017, 6:16pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 10 October, 2017, 6:16pm

I love eating, especially any Japanese food, but I am quite picky about where I go. I believe you should either go for the very best or for the basics. Very best does not mean super expensive.

I like local joints and am flexible on the environment as long as the food is great. I like to stay fit so I don’t take carbs in the evening, but I do enjoy my morning coffee with cream and sugar, and still have desserts all the time.

Feather & Bone (Winner Building, 11 Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley, tel: 2836 3789) is one of my favourite neighbourhood restaurants. It has great steak and fish, and is reasonably priced with great service.

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Proof (14 Tsun Yuen Street, Happy Valley, tel: 6542 9788) is the best bakery in town. It’s a tiny coffee and bakery shop but the cinnamon rolls are the best. Basically everything is good, including the orange peel and poppy seeds bagel – a very rare combination but super yummy – plus the apple turnover, croissant and muffins.

Raki Japanese Fine Dining (15/F, Cubus, 1 Hoi Ping Road, Causeway Bay, tel: 2782 0010) is one of the best sushi bars in Hong Kong. Their omakase is absolutely divine. Everything is always fresh from Japan, and they prepare sushi in unique ways. Even with the same fish, they have a special way to make it taste different from other restaurants. For example, the really fatty part of toro tuna can be chewy when raw, but they grill it with a blow torch, add some seasoning and it becomes the best thing you can imagine.

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When my New York colleagues were in town, I brought them to Sun Chung Kee (2 Bulkeley Street, Hung Hom, tel: 2886 0899), a very local Chiu Chow restaurant. The cold crab is very reasonably priced and the service is surprisingly warm and sweet. Most old-style restaurants have horrible service. Not many tourists would come to this very residential location, so it was a good experience for them.

I don’t have a particular choice for fancy places. Usually I like to explore cosy small restaurants that are quiet and intimate. The last one I found interesting was called Petite Oyster (44 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, tel: 2549 0808). It was a cute and lovely place.

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For a secret hideaway, I like a local restaurant in Shau Kei Wan named Hainan South (Eastway Towers, 59-99 Shau Kei Wan Main Street, tel: 2591 5808). It has the best Hainan chicken rice in town. The chicken is so soft and juicy and the flavoured rice has the perfect balance of chicken oil and rice scent.