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New Hong Kong restaurants: stylish 10 Shanghai serves light and delicious fare

Delicate flavours and textures dominate in this Shanghainese restaurant. The tasteful exterior and art-deco-inspired interior add a sense of elegance that matches the dishes

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 April, 2018, 1:04pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 April, 2018, 7:16pm

We were impressed by 10 Shanghai even before we walked through the doors because the exterior in Lee Garden Two, part of a space formerly occupied by a Ralph Lauren store, is attractive and tasteful. The interior – which is stylish and hints at the art deco era – didn’t disappoint.

And we knew we would like the food from our first bite of the crunchy, deeply-flavoured pickled radishes that we nibbled on as we looked at the menu; they should consider selling these.

Shanghainese food can be heavy, but because one of my guests was feeling under the weather, we ordered some of the lighter dishes. Signature steamed xiao long bao (HK$65 for five) had thin, resilient skins that didn’t break when we picked up the dumplings by the topknot. There was lots of rich soup inside, and a delicately textured meatball.

Marinated baby geoduck with spicy vinaigrette (HK$98) had a mild, tangy sauce coating the fresh geoduck. Honey-glazed crispy eel (HK$98) was crunchy, with a light, not too-sticky glaze. Jiangsu-style smoked fish (HK$88), served warm, was succulent, with a thin, crisp coating.

Jiangsu river shrimp were available in several styles, and we ordered them with honey peas and Jinhua ham (HK$228). The shrimps were small and tender, the tiny honey peas were sweet, and the small pieces of ham added a salty bite. 

Braised chicken with shrimp dumplings in chicken consommé (HK$198 for half, HK$388 for whole) was thoroughly enjoyable, and just perfect for my ill guest. The soup was thick and rich, the dumplings had a flavourful filling and thin wrappers, there was plenty of soft cabbage that had soaked up the broth, and the chicken meat was served on the side. 

Traditional braised pork balls in brown sauce (HK$128) – often called lion’s head – was fantastic. The meatballs were very delicate, and even the brown sauce – which at lesser Shanghainese restaurants is too thick and gloopy – was lighter than usual. 

10 Shanghai, Shop 101, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Rd, Causeway Bay, tel: 2338 5500. About HK$400 without drinks or the service charge. 

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