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Where does Hong Kong rank on the beer index? Find out the price of a pint around the world

A Deutsche Bank study looks at the cost of buying a pint of beer in expat neighbourhoods of major cities of the world. Find out where you can enjoy a glass of beer without breaking the bank and where you really need to splash out

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 May, 2018, 1:01pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 May, 2018, 1:01pm

If you’re planning a trip to Manila or Prague, you’re in luck – those cities have some of the cheapest beer in the world.

Deutsche Bank analysts collected data on how much it costs to buy a pint of beer in a neighbourhood pub in the expat area of a major cities for its latest report mapping the world’s prices.

Beers are cheapest in Manila, Philippines, at US$1.50. Prague in the Czech Republic, is close behind, where a beer will set you back about US$1.60.

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On the flip side, you’re going to have to shell out more for the same size beer in cities like Oslo, Norway (US$10.30), Singapore (US$8.30), and Hong Kong (US$8.90).

Prices for beers in major American cities tend to be on the higher end compared to cities around the world. New York City lists the most expensive prices stateside at US$7.70 a beer, but San Francisco isn’t far behind at US$7.40.

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Here’s the average cost of a pint of beer in cities around the world

Dubai, UAE US$12

Oslo, Norway US$10.30

Hong Kong US$8.90

Singapore US$8.30

Zurich, Switzerland US$7.70

New York City, US US$7.70

San Francisco, US US$7.40

Paris, France US$7.30

Stockholm, Sweden US$7.30

London, UK US$7.20

Dublin, Ireland US$7.10

Helsinki, Finland US$7.10

Auckland, NZ US$7.10

Shanghai, China US$7

Melbourne, Australia US$6.80

Copenhagen, Denmark US$6.70

Boston, US US$6.70

Milan, Italy US$6.50

Amsterdam, Netherlands US$6,10

Sydney, Australia US$6.10

Edinburgh, UK US$6

Chicago, US US$5.90

Madrid, Spain US$5.70

Toronto, Canada US$5.70

Wellington, NZ US$5.70

Vancouver, Canada US$5.50

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia US$5.40

Athens, Greece US$5.10

Jakarta, Indonesia US$5

Tokyo, Japan US$5

Moscow, Russia US$4.70

Vienna, Austria US$4.60

Frankfurt, Germany US$4.60

Brussels, Belgium US$4.50

Mumbai, India US$3.90

Berlin, Germany US$3.90

Sao Paulo, Brazil US$3.70

Istanbul, Turkey US$3.70

New Delhi, India US$3.40

Bangalore, India US$3.20

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil US$3.20

Lisbon, Portugal US$2.80

Warsaw, Poland US$2.60

Cape Town, South Africa US$2.60

Mexico City, Mexico US$2.40

Johannesburg, South Africa US$2.20

Prague, Czech Republic US$1.60

Manila, Philippines US$1.50

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