Ramen in chicken soup proves delicious at Kane Tsuru in Jordan

  • Restaurant serves up different ramen dishes as well as snacks like minced chicken meat skewer with teriyaki sauce
  • Dishes arrived promptly and service was good
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 November, 2018, 12:49pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 November, 2018, 8:32pm

Just five-minutes away from Jordan MTR station is Kane Tsuru Ramen, a cosy Japanese ramen bar specialising in slow-cooked chicken. Crane-themed decorations could be spotted from the entrance, matching the Chinese name of the restaurant which translates into “golden crane”.

In addition to ramen, Kane Tsuru also serves Japanese rice dishes and snacks. Ramen in chicken soup was the restaurant’s signature dish, so we decided to give it a try. The dishes arrived promptly and the waiters were very helpful.

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Costing a reasonable (HK$98) it had a thick and creamy broth brimming with the freshness of slow-cooked chicken. The ramen noodles had an amazing texture and remained elastic even after staying submerged in the soup.

The fried burdock on top of the noodles was crisp and chewy at the same time, with a lingering sweetness. But it was the tender slices of slow-cooked chicken that were our favourite part of the meal. Served cold and partially submerged in the soup, the chicken meat was fresh without tasting raw. The waiter specifically told us not to completely submerge the chicken in the soup to keep it cool. The thin round slices of kurobuta pork were soft and nicely charred without seeming too oily. There were shreds of scallion and onion, along with strips of black fungus and bamboo shoots and half of a soft-boiled egg.

We decided to also try the tsukemen (dipped ramen). It only came in chicken soup, not the more usual pork bone broth, but we had no complains because we could not get enough of it. The chicken soup tsukemen (HK$138) had a large serving of noodles and a bowl of soup served separately on a set-up with a candle underneath to keep it warm. It was similar to the ramen dish but without the fried burdock.

The broth was less thick than the soup base of its ramen counterpart, although there was more chicken flavour concentrated in the small bowl. It wasn’t as salty as the dipping soup of tsukemen tended to be in other restaurants we had tried.

The waiters also offered to reheat the soup for us, although we thought there could have been more of it to go along with the generous portion of noodles.

We also tried some snacks. The minced chicken meat skewer with teriyaki sauce (HK$48) included bits of chewy chicken cartilage in the mix, which added to the texture. The sauce added to the flavour of the dish, which was otherwise a bit on the bland side.

Grilled dried puffer fish (HK$48), served with a dollop of mayo and Japanese chilli powder on the side, was an interesting snack, and tasted like a sweeter version of dried squid but with the texture of beef jerky. The mayo and spicy powder added just the right touch, and we imagine the snack would be great served with beer.

The elegant decor and soothing Japanese music in the background created a nice atmosphere for a meal with good company. We ended up staying longer than expected on a Sunday night as we enjoyed the vibe of the restaurant very much.

Kane Tsuru Ramen, 3 Min Street, Jordan, tel: 2790 2988. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11.30am-3pm and 6pm-10.30pm; Sunday and public holidays from 12.30pm-4pm and 6pm-11.30pm.

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