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Great ramen for US$12.50, even better hanjuku eggs at Kanada-ya in Hong Kong

  • Delicious broth, springy noodles and possibly the best soft-boiled eggs you can eat make Kanada-ya in Causeway Bay shopping hub well worth a visit
  • Expanded menu has tasty new items to try
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 December, 2018, 12:31pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 December, 2018, 7:01pm

I’ve passed by Kanada-ya on Tang Lung Street in Causeway Bay hundreds of times before, but never noticed it until they changed the exterior to something lighter and less fussy.

When it finally caught my attention, my colleague insisted that it was a new place. I thought it might be, too – but it turns out that this branch has been open for five years.

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The menu has expanded since it first opened and now you can try truffle ramen (HK$108) and spicy yuzu ramen (HK$98; US$12.50).

You tick off what you want from the paper menu, and can choose the firmness of the noodles (from soft to “extreme”), the amount of spring onions (none, normal and, for an additional HK$5, extra), plus toppings and side dishes. All ramen dishes have tonkotsu (pork bone) broth as the base, with other ingredients added to vary the flavours.

The broth for the spicy yuzu ramen was delicious, and it was not too thick or heavy. The faint yuzu flavour comes from red yuzu kosho (chilli paste) that, when mixed into the soup, gave it a faint pink hue, but it wasn’t too spicy.

The noodles were thin and toothsome; I ordered them extreme, and wouldn’t have liked them any softer. The bowl was served with a generous amount of chashu pork shoulder, which on occasion can be tough.

My guest ordered the chicken tonkotsu ramen (HK$85) which comes with wavy noodles. Again, the broth was very good; because it has chicken broth mixed in with the pork bone broth, it’s lighter than that used for the yuzu ramen, making it much easier to drink the whole bowl.

Spicy tonkotsu ramen (HK$98) is topped with a large ball of spiced minced pork that should be mixed into the broth, which then becomes thicker and heavier. The richness is balanced by corn kernels (more would be welcome) and very thin slices of tender chashu pork belly.

Be sure to order the hanjuku egg (HK$14) to go with your bowls of ramen. Cooked so the white is tender but firm and the yolk is soft and oozing, it was one of the best eggs we’ve tasted.

A side dish of Japanese-style gyoza dumplings (HK$30 for four) had thin wrappers and a light and garlicky filling.

Kanada-ya, 34 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2889 3355. Open: 12pm-10.30pm (Friday, Saturday and the eve of public holidays until 11pm).