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After the turkey: five favourite Asian noodle recipes, including Asian carbonara

  • Susan Jung’s takes on some Asian favourites, with some short cuts and substitutions
  • See how to make pad Thai, Filipino favourite pancit, satay soup with poached beef, and more
PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 December, 2018, 9:01pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 December, 2018, 9:22pm

I have a weakness for Asian noodles, and even eat the instant variety when I need a quick meal. These recipes, all published in the past year, take quite a lot more work than instant noodles, but are worth the effort.

1. Satay soup with poached beef and udon noodles

I’ve made this recipe using a traditional Thai mortar and pestle, but it’s a lot easier (and much faster) if you use a powerful high-speed blender.

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2. Rice noodles with soy sauce chicken, spring onion sauce and black bean-chilli relish

This recipes takes a short cut, using a soy sauce chicken that you can buy at a Chinese siu mei (roast meat) shop. Once you have a batch of black bean relish on hand in your fridge, these noodles are quick to make.

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3. Asian carbonara with braised pork belly, spring onions, fried shallots, shredded seaweed and raw egg

I call this a carbonara only because a hot egg yolk is stirred into the noodles and braised pork belly, to thicken them and add a silky, slippery consistency.

The spring onions, fried shallots and shredded nori add umami and texture.

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4. Pancit

In this recipe, fried rice noodles are given a distinctive Philippine tart flavour with the addition of calamansi and white vinegar.

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5. Pad Thai 

This dish gets its flavour and pink colour from the addition of paprika, instead of the more common ketchup.

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