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Try God of Cookery’s ‘sorrowful rice’ roast meat dish for less than HK$100 at Chop Chop in Fortress Hill

  • Head chef Dai Lung is the creator of the ‘sorrowful rice’ dish from Stephen Chow’s film God of Cookery
  • The dish – roast pork belly char siu rice with egg – is the stand-out
PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 January, 2019, 12:35pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 January, 2019, 7:37pm

Chop Chop in Fortress Hill serves roast meat. Head chef Dai Lung created the “sorrowful rice” dish for Stephen Chow Sing-chi’s God of Cookery film.

The neon green and red signage and clean, bare basics interior gives Chop Chop a retro vibe, which sets it apart from other restaurants in the neighbourhood.

‘Sorrowful rice’ from Stephen Chow film revived by chef who invented it

Roast pork belly char siu rice is the signature dish at Chop Chop, but the restaurant serves other roast meats with rice and noodles. Our dishes arrived promptly.

Chop Chop version of the famous dish – roast pork belly char siu rice with egg and served with soup (HK$80) was the highlight of the meal. The char siu was marinated in a sweet sauce and was succulent, with just the right balance of fat and meat underneath the charred, slightly crisp exterior. It went well with the garlicky sauce.

There were small brown pearls of American wild rice in the bed of rice. The fried egg had a runny yolk that we mixed into the rice. The bowl of clear soup served with the rice contained tender pieces of pork and shreds of lotus root.

We also enjoyed the crispy pork belly rice (HK$58). One reviewer thought it was slightly salty, but we all enjoyed the texture of the meat, which we dipped into mustard.

Next was roast goose with thick lai fun rice noodles (HK$58). The goose skin was crispy and the meat was succulent. One reviewer thought the goose was slightly oily and thought it would be better if submerged in the bowl of noodles. The thick rice noodles had a chewy texture and remained elastic in the clear broth that was sprinkled with spring onion.

We ordered the four treasures rice (HK$65): char siu, crisp pork belly, slices of Harbin red sausage and half a salted duck egg in its shell. The char siu had a different texture to the signature pork belly char siu, but was still enjoyable.

Each of the dishes came with a drink. We had hot lemon tea, hot yin-yang (milk tea mixed with coffee), and a hot watercress honey with lemon and an iced version of the same drink. One reviewer thought the yin-yang needed a bit more coffee, and another thought the drink was quite heavy tasting. The watercress honey with lemon had just the right blend of honey and lemon.

Chop Chop, 18 Wang On Road, Fortress Hill, tel: 3618 7718. Open: Monday to Sunday 11am-9pm.

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