We try five organic milks

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 August, 2015, 12:45am
UPDATED : Monday, 17 August, 2015, 12:20pm


The initial plan was to taste test five different brands of organic milk, but we realised after sampling that they were all very similar - rich, creamy and delicious. However, the UHT (ultra-high temperature) varieties have a slightly sweeter flavour. This is not surprising as the heating processing they go through caramelises some of the sugars in the milk. Compared to conventional milk, organic milk tastes slightly less sweet. It also has a thicker consistency - even the low-fat, such as Clover one per cent - which tend to be watery with conventional varieties. Overall, nutrition and food safety - rather than flavour, which is difficult to differentiate - are the best reasons to choose organic.



Avalon Valley Pride organic homogenised milk

HK$68 for 1 litre, City'super

Origin: British Columbia, Canada

Certified by: Canada Organic

Clover Organic Farms

low fat milk beverage

HK$61.50 for 946ml, Oliver's

Origin: California, US

Certified by: USDA Organic

True Organic full cream milk (UHT)

HK$36 for 1 litre, Oliver's

Origin: farm co-ops all over Australia

Certified by: National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia

Organic Valley whole milk beverage (UHT)

HK$24 for 236ml, City'super

Origin: farm co-ops all over the US

Certified by: USDA Organic

Daioni organic cows milk (UHT)

HK$35 for 1 litre, City'super

Origin: Pembrokeshire, Wales

Certified by: Soil Association Organic, Agriculture Biologique