Trampoline tricks just the ticket for ex-banker turned swim coach

Cardio workout involved in ‘trick training’ can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 February, 2016, 4:01am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 February, 2016, 4:01am

As a successful age group swimmer and triathlete, Georgia Brown is familiar with feeling challenged. But her recent workout regime is taking her to new heights – literally. 

Brown, 50, has recently taken up “tricking”, or “trick training” – a trampoline class at Ryze trampoline park in Quarry Bay that allegedly burns more than 1,000 calories an hour. 

“It’s a major cardio workout – I’d believe it burns that many calories but I’ve never worn my heart rate monitor [to confirm this],” says Brown, a former investment banker turned swim coach. “During the warm up you are bouncing and stretching, and then the tricking begins. It’s certainly not relaxing.”

Brown discovered the unusual workout after she took her daughter and a friend to the park just for fun.“Trainer Sajib Hossain introduced us to tricking and gave the girls some tips; two days later we returned as a family to try tricking together,” she says.

In a bid to one-up her daughter, Brown is now taking regular one-on-one lessons. “Freya challenged me to achieve what she could do at Ryze – she’s 10, so she learned six tricks in one afternoon; so far I have mastered one – the full somersault.”


Tricking is most similar to … gymnastics training as you need to do the tricks over and over to master them. The post-training high is similar to other sports as the endorphins rush through the body. However, now I’m trying to equal the girls, the sense of purpose is definitely there as well. 

Do you need to have a background in gymnastics to take part? No, but personally, I find it helps that I used do gymnastics at school in Britain and have tried trampolining before.


I love it when, during my workout … I land a trick well. It gives you such a high.


While tricking, I’m thinking about ... landing the trick. Doing more tricks and hoping the kegel exercises are working.


What body part hurts most the next day? Definitely your butt. Your glutes are firing on all cylinders while bouncing. And your pride when you miss the landing.


Who would be the most likely celebrities your age to try tricking?  Catherine Zeta-Jones – did you see her in Entrapment? And Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz.


Can it be dangerous? Sometimes after a class my neck can hurt a bit from the whiplash effect after the falls. But key to avoiding injury is to listen to the coach and follow the instructions. Engage the core, have confidence and give it some major speed.


What has tricking brought to your life? Excitement, diversification of exercise, and a great workout.

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