Trail runner Scott Jurek answers 10 questions ahead of Hong Kong night race

Road or trail? Realist or dreamer? Ultrarunning legend fields some quick-fire questions

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 13 October, 2016, 2:48pm
UPDATED : Friday, 14 October, 2016, 9:43am

One of the world’s fastest marathoners of all time, Scott Jurek has made his first trip to Hong Kong in 14 years to compete in the Barclays Moontrekker on Lantau Island on Friday. The 43km overnight race will begin at 8.30pm in Mui Wo, make a loop of the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, skirt Sunset Peak and scale the 934-metre high Lantau Peak, before a long downhill finish to Pui O.

Jurek, who is participating in the Moontrekker to support the race’s charity partner The Nature Conservancy, was last in Hong Kong as part of the winning team for the 2002 Oxfam Trailwalker 100km race. His running exploits and vegan lifestyle have inspired many worldwide. We managed to grab hold of the legendary American ultrarunner to ask him 10 quick questions related to the sport.

We asked Jurek his preferences:

Trail or road? I have to go trail because it’s my first love of running.

Uphills or downhills? I’d got to go downhills because I’ve always loved downhill running and really honed that skill over the years.

Night run or day run? I mostly run during the day so I got to go with day running on that one. I don’t spend a lot of time night running unfortunately, although on the Appalachian Trail I did plenty of that.

Intervals or long runs? I’m an ultrarunner so I guess I’ll say long runs for that one.

Why trail-running legend Scott Jurek plans fun run in Hong Kong Moontrekker

Minimalist or maximalist shoes? Have to go minimalist on this one. I have been using racing flats and lightweight trail running shoes for a number of years but definitely towards the minimal side.

Sound of music or sound of nature? Definitely more sounds of nature. I’m not a big listening-to- music kind of guy. Occasionally I have done it but mainly I just love the sound of what’s happening around me.

Dreamer or realist? I have to say I’m somewhat of a dreamer because I dream big and have tried to do a lot of big things throughout my career.

Trail-running legend Scott Jurek returns to Hong Kong for Moontrekker

Journey or finish line? It’s definitely about the journey not the finish line for me. So much happens throughout the race that the finish line just draws me to the end and gets me through the tough points, but it’s all about what happens between the start and finish.

Crop top or lycra top? I got my start in ultramarathons sporting the crop top, so I’ll have to go with crop top even though I don’t use it as much these days. It’s definitely where I got my roots.

Winning or losing? There’s no such thing as losing, so I go with winning, just being on the positive side of things. Everyone’s a winner in my book.