A seizure can be very distressing for someone with epilepsy, and can result in accidents, but treatment exists that can keep the condition under control for most people. Photo: Shutterstock
Explainer | What causes epilepsy, what triggers a seizure and what treatment is there?

One in 10 people have at least one seizure in their lifetime. We look at the causes, triggers, treatment and effect of epilepsy, and the story of one mother who had no warning signals.

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Studies suggest that seaweed – no matter if it’s made into butter, added to salads or eaten on its own – has anti-cancer, anti-viral and antioxidant properties. Photo” Shutterstock
Explainer | How superfood seaweed boosts heart, gut and thyroid health

Studies suggest that seaweed – a versatile ingredient that can be made into butter, added to soup or used as a seasoning – has anticancer, antiviral and antioxidant properties. Oh, and it’s fat-free too.

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