Movember Diary: a big thank you for your growing generosity

As Movember draws to a close, it's time to reflect on what a month it has been. I gave up my almost-three-year-old whiskers four weeks ago and - despite feeling slightly reluctant about shaving at first - I have no regrets at all; it's been worth every second and cent.

I think we can all admit that our knowledge of prostate cancer and its symptoms is pretty low in Hong Kong. But I believe this month has really made the gents sit up and think about getting that check-up.

This month has made me reflect on my own health and reminded me that regular health checks can be life-saving.

As my "magic carpet" reasserts itself, it's definitely cause for celebration. Despite all the economic woes, this month the Hong Kong community has really come together to show generosity and commitment to the cause. A big thank you to those who have put their money where their mouth is to raise these vital funds for cancer initiatives.

This campaign really does sort the men from the boys, so I want to take this opportunity to salute every one of my fellow mo bros for dedicating their upper lip to Hong Kong's 2012 Movember campaign. You can proudly say you were one in a million and you won't be getting coal at the bottom of your stocking.

If you haven't already dug deep and shown your support for your favourite mo bro, there's still time. Check out the website and you'll see just how easy it is to donate.

This Friday, many participants will be parting with their moustaches (apart from the ones who have grown attached to theirs). If you'd like to celebrate the success of this momentous campaign, the Official Movember Gala Party will be held at Bisous in Central on the same day. Hong Kong's rugby community is holding its own event at the Hong Kong Football Club on Saturday.

Until next week, remember: good deeds brighten a hairy world. 


Chester Grucza manages Fly nightclub in Central. Follow his mo-growing exploits this month in


This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as: A big thank you for your growing generosity