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Newspaper reporter, broadcaster are worst jobs for 2017 in the United States

An American recruiting website’s annual research reveals that the two worst careers in America come with high stress levels and low pay

PUBLISHED : Monday, 01 May, 2017, 2:51pm
UPDATED : Monday, 01 May, 2017, 2:52pm

By Park Si-soo

Do you know anybody who wants to become a newspaper reporter or broadcaster? Or is it you? Well, think twice.

Newspaper reporter and broadcaster are the two worst careers to have in 2017, according to the United States’ recruiting website CareerCast’s annual research study.

The study looked at the 200 most common jobs and ranked them primarily based on salary, expected job growth, level of competition, degree of stress and safety hazards. Statistics were provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, among other resources.

The research found that the worst job on the list, newspaper reporter, had a median salary of US$37,820 and an expected job growth rate of -8 per cent.

The second-worst occupation of broadcaster has a slightly higher median salary of US$38,870, but also has a more negative outlook in terms of job growth at -9 per cent.

“The two lowest-ranking jobs of 2017 have recently taken centre stage in American culture in a way not seen in many years,” the report said.

“Working extensively in the public eye and often under tight deadlines contributes to the high stress rankings for both newspaper reporters and broadcasters.

“In addition, both industries have also felt the years-long squeeze of diminishing job prospects, due to declining advertising revenue that has impacted the newspaper, radio and television industries.”

The study said prospects of working as a reporter or broadcaster would not improve anytime soon.

“The two professions rank among the 13 worst for job outlook, with negative growth forecast through 2024.” The report said.

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Worst jobs for 2017: newspaper reporter, broadcaster