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K-pop group Enhypen. The group have released Dimension: Answer, a ‘repackage’ of their October album Dimension: Dilemma.

K-pop group Enhypen drop new album Dimension: Answer as they look to forge their own path in life and music

  • Dimension: Answer is an extended version of the boy group’s million-selling October release Dimension Dilemma
  • With three extra tracks, the ‘repackage’ album has already racked up 700,000 pre orders
Tamar Hermanin United States

K-pop boy band Enhypen dropped their new album, Dimension: Answer on January 10.

The extended version of October’s Dimension: Dilemma, Answer has three new songs. As well as the single Blessed-Cursed, the “repackage” album features two extras: the bouncy Polaroid Love and the spoken word track Outro: Day 2.

The initial version of Dilemma drew inspiration from Greek mythology, likening the band’s career to Homer’s Odyssey. Dimension: Answer takes inspiration from a more recent era: the turn of the millennium.

The music video for Blessed-Cursed, a dance track that incorporates trap, hip-hop and grunge rock elements, begins with the countdown on New Year’s Eve 1999. Throughout the video, Enhypen play with fashion and elements from that era, including apparent references to the Matrix film series.

The deeper meaning, the band said during a press conference ahead of the album’s release, relates to how the world is full of unexpected stressors, with individuals needing to find their own answers rather than accepting what the world gives them. Social media’s influence on life today, especially for Enhypen as a celebrity act, is another major theme.

“Our [lead] track Blessed-Cursed talks about how we realise how the given circumstances aren’t necessarily a blessing but a curse, and we will take control of our own lives,” said Enhypen’s Sunoo.

“Just as the boys in the song promise themselves to lead their own lives, we, Enhypen, also thought that we should try harder and find our own path to prove our own worth.”

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The music video for Blessed-Cursed also features the logo of Dark Moon: The Blood Altar, a webtoon featuring the members of Enhypen.

Last year, Enhypen joined a small club of K-pop acts that have sold over a million copies of a single album thanks to the success of Dimension: Dilemma.

Dimension: Answer reportedly sold nearly 700,000 ahead of its release.