Jackie Chan

G.E.M. beats Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen to be named most popular star on Hong Kong social media

Shawn Yue, Denise Ho and Pakho Chau also in top 5 measured by engagement on Facebook and Instagram

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 March, 2016, 1:00pm
UPDATED : Monday, 14 March, 2016, 3:18pm

Pop star G.E.M. has been named the city’s dominant artist on social media in a study of the celebrities who rule online platforms in Hong Kong.

The study, by online artist community Alive Not Dead and social media data analysts Lamplight Analytics, places actors Jackie Chan and Donnie Yen second and third respectively. Rounding out the top five are actor-singer Shawn Yue and singer Denise Ho.

It rated artists’ effectiveness on Facebook and Instagram, Hong Kong’s most popular social media platforms, and the rankings take into account online mentions and social media engagement such as comments and shares.

Sam Olsen, CEO of Lamplight, says: “While social media mentions by volume provide some indication of online influence, engagement is a much better indicator. For the stars, engaged fans are passionate fans – they are the ones that attend your concerts, buy your music and watch your movies.”

Here are the top 20 and the artist’s engagement scores, which rates the artists’ effectiveness on social media:

1. G.E.M. 100

2. Jackie Chan 63

3. Donnie Yen 61

4. Shawn Yue 60

5. Denise Ho 59

6. Pakho Chau 59

7. Shu Qi 55

8. Joey Yung 54

9. Edison Chen 51

10. Chrissie Chau 51

11. Ming Jai 50

12. Ella Koon 49

13. Kelly Chen 48

14. Eason Chan 48

15. Daniel Wu 48

16. Sammi Cheng 48

17. Kary Ng 48

18. Helen To 48

19. Venus Wong 47

20. Jeana Ho 47