Game review - Devil May Cry DmC: Definitive Edition

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 04 April, 2015, 10:30pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 April, 2015, 10:56am

Devil May Cry DmC: Definitive Edition

Capcom might not exactly be revolutionising the world of gaming, but there's no doubt that its latest releases are pure, unadulterated fun. Last month's Resident Evil remake was an impressive feat, making a near-20-year-old scare classic feel relevant again. Now here comes the definitive edition of franchise reimagining Devil May Cry DmC.

The original was released on last-gen consoles in 2013, a reboot of the popular swordfight-and-gunplay franchise that seriously updated the story and character elements, but kept gameplay firmly centred on endless combo-driven fights. This upgrade for the PS4 and Xbox One heightens the graphics and performance, but retains nearly everything else.

Players take on the role of Dante, a half-angel, half-demon sent into the medieval Limbo City in an attempt to bring down underworld king Mundus. Like the old-school games it's inspired by, the story is an excuse for brutal gameplay.

DmC sees you battle through hordes of demonic beings during its campaign and really, it's all about the points. Plenty of skill, timing and precision are needed to execute those perfect combos, with much of that breaking down to specific combat abilities. As always, Dante's trusty sword and dual handguns come standard, but keeping interest heightened are an array of unlockable weapons. Some of the best include energy-powered shirukens, as well as a comically awesome firearm that shoots exploding projectiles.

As with Resident Evil, there's plenty in the package. Front and centre is the glorious visual update, fully pushing the franchise into the next-gen world. Graphics are spectacular, with crisp, well-defined 1080 HD and a much-appreciated 60 frames per second bump that adds a smoothness almost unimaginable in the series before.

Along with all this are the requisite add-ons, including Bloody Palace DLC, where players are pitted against hundreds of levels of enemies, and the semi-sequel Vergil's Downfall, which follows Dante's brother after the events of the principal story. Overall they round out the campaign nicely when all put together.

For nostalgic fans of the series or those who can't resist a high-quality button-masher, DmC Definitive Edition is a bloodbath worth the plunge.