How to stay safe and warm on the piste. Here’s the latest gear for a safe skiing trip

From an avalanche safety bag that inflates in three seconds and anti-fog goggles, to heated socks and boot warmers, this season’s ski gear has a tech focus offering protection and comfort

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 28 October, 2017, 7:03pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 29 October, 2017, 6:09pm

This winter’s ski gear innovations are tech-focused, and safety is the main feature. Comfort is also a focus, especially when it comes to keeping your hands and feet warm.

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Here are our picks for this season:

Scott Alpride 24 ABS Pack

At 1,240 grams, the 24-litre Scott Alpride (HK$5,115, US$655) is one of the lightest avalanche safety bags (ABS) on the market, designed with a pull handle to inflate an integrated 150-litre airbag in just three seconds. The ABS system can be removed, making the pack more versatile, and it also comes with an integrated back protector.

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Poc Artic SL Spin helmet

Developed for slalom racers, the Artic (HK$2,300) can be used by regular skiers and boarders. It has the option of a detachable chin guard designed to reduce face and neck injuries.

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The helmet also comes with Poc’s new rotary impact protection technology ‘Spin’ – internal pads move independently during oblique impacts to reduce the force transmitted to the head.

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Therm-ic Powersocks

Make cold feet a thing of the past with these heated socks (HK$2,001). Bluetooth functionality allows you to adjust heat settings remotely using a smartphone, providing heat for up to 16 hours. The batteries are easily recharged via a USB cable, and they’ll work in any footwear.

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Mammut Barryvox S

The latest avalanche transceiver (HK$3,300) from Mammut speeds up vital rescue time and comes with a completely revised user interface featuring an easy-to-read backlit display. The keys can be operated with gloves and the unit can be opened and closed one-handed, further saving time in a rescue situation. It is housed in a shockproof, unbreakable casing.

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Sunnycam Activ video sunglasses

The frame of the Sunnycam Activ sunglasses (HK$1,201) contains a 1,080-pixel video camera set between the eyes with a 90-degree field-of-view lens – similar to that of human eyes – which enables you to record pretty much exactly what you see while tearing down the slopes. It can record more than 11 hours of video, and the touch controls are built directly into the frame arms.

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Sidas Drywarmer V2.0

There’s nothing worse than starting a day’s skiing in boots that are wet from the day before. These boot warmers/dryers (HK$299) prevent that misery, while also emitting anti-bacterial UV light to help reduce odours and keep your inner boots clean. They’re also small enough to transport easily. Available at

Julbo Starwind Goggles

The Starwind (HK$1,650) goggles feature Julbo’s excellent Super Flow System, which eliminates fogging with a mechanism that allows you to pull the lens forward to let air in and keep it clear. The goggles also have a ‘Minimalist Frame’ design, which gives a very wide field of vision, and come with Julbo’s ‘Zebra Light Red’ photochromic lenses with a red tint that accentuates terrain relief.

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