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Top 5 videos of the week: From parkour in Afghanistan to a man flying in a lawn chair

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 11 July, 2015, 8:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 September, 2015, 9:45am

Every Saturday, the South China Morning Post will be presenting its top video picks from and the web - featuring news, features, mini-documentaries and more.

This week...from parkour-loving Afghan youngsters to a Canadian man taking flight in a lawn chair, here are our top five videos of the week.


Canadian Man flies balloon-powered chair over Calgary Stampede

Aircraft seats can be so uncomfortable. This Canadian man decided he was going to travel in comfort by flying in his own lawn chair. Using dozens of helium-filled balloons tied to the seat, he flew himself over the city of Calgary to cloud-level height. But, while it all sounds like good fun, Daniel Boria, who used the stunt to advertise his cleaning company, also got into some trouble. He was soon arrested and charged with mischief causing danger to life. 

Young Afghans find freedom through freerunning flips

From flips, jumps and running up walls, parkour is quickly becoming popular in Kabul. As young Afghans turn to the sport to get active, they're also finding a sense of freedom by taking part. 

Great white shark in South Africa bites divers' cage

This video caught our eye a little late, which is why it's only number three on this list. However, it was too bone-chilling not to include. 

While cage diving on the coast of Mossel Bay in South Africa, a group of tourists were met with a scary surprise as their GoPro camera captured an 11.5 foot shark attacking their cage. Yikes! 

Reporter pukes after trying Tour de France diet

Cyclists taking part in the Tour de France have to eat an astonishingly large amount of calories to keep them going through the 3500 kilometres, 23-day ordeal. Deciding to see if he could match a cyclist's diet of 8,000 calories, Norwegian journalist Nicolay Ramm tried his hand at eating what they would eat - a massive quantity of food including eggs, oatmeal and energy bars - in just over five hours. 

But, like most people would, he failed at his mission - consuming only a mere 4,300 calories. Excuse us, as we pull out our barf bags...

Korean girl re-enacts Jurassic World Trailer in her apartment

If you still haven't watched Jurassic World yet, let this side by side reenactment be your incentive to get off that computer, gather some friends and head to the theatre. We personally think this girl has a little too much time on her hands, but we won't hold it against her. With her hairclip teeth and claws made of beans, we think she comes pretty close to the real thing. Click here to see the original video.