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Top 5 videos of the week: From schoolboy punching a million-dollar painting to boyfriend's hilarious Ikea puns

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 29 August, 2015, 8:01am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 September, 2015, 10:02am

Every Saturday, the South China Morning Post presents its top video picks from and the web, highlighting news, features, mini-documentaries and more.

This week, we watch a man - clearly with a talent for wordplay - meting out his own brand of pun-ishment to his girlfriend as they make their way around an Ikea store. And in a cringe-worthy moment that made international headlines, a schoolboy in Taiwan makes a million-dollar mistake when he accidentally rips an ancient Italian painting. Ouch!


Boy trips and punches hole in US$1.5 million painting

It's the nightmare of all art dealers and museum curators. Last weekend, a 12-year-old boy holding a drink in his hand stumbled awkwardly at a museum in Taiwan, breaking his fall with the nearest object - a 350-year-old painting titled Flowers worth US$1.5 million. The boy then looks around helplessly after realising he had smashed a fist-sized hole in the artwork.

Thankfully for the boy and his family, no charges were filed. The Paolo Porpora painting was insured, and the exhibition organiser said the boy was very nervous and should not be blamed. Phew!


Man annoys girlfriend with Ikea puns

Let's face it: moving to a new place is hard work and a trek to Ikea is practically a rite of passage. Luckily, this Australian boyfriend, YouTube user Simon Gilmore, who was moving in with his girlfriend Donna, found a way to make the tedious shopping trip a little more entertaining. In the now viral video, Gilmore annoys her at every turn by playing on the words on Ikea's furniture labels - which, with brand names like Skänka, are ripe for comedy.

We thought this was hilarious, but his girlfriend didn't seem so sure. Let's just hope he treated her to Ikea meatballs and ice cream after the shopping trip. 


Four people fall into a sinkhole in China

CCTV recorded shocking video of several people being swallowed by a sinkhole that opened up at a bus stop in China's northeast Heilongjiang province. The four people who fell in sustained minor injuries. A woman can also be seen holding on to steel cables just below the surface of the pavement. Local reports say the hole was two metres deep. An investigation is currently under way. 


Usain Bolt collides with cameraman on a Segway

Jamaican track star Usain Bolt soared to victory at the 200-metre dash in the 2015 World Track and Field Championships held in Beijing on Thursday night. Once again, Bolt seemed invincible - until a clumsy cameraman riding a Segway crashed into the fastest man in the world.

The two fell on the ground, with the two-wheeled electric scooter crashing out too. Still, the accident failed to take the shine off Bolt's gold-medal win. It's a good thing no one was hurt, as Bolt's legs are expensive!


Hong Kong star Ivana Wong talks music, acting and working with longtime collaborator Alex Fung

Singing, writing, acting, what can't Ivana Wong do? Ahead of her gig with Hong Kong's Philharmonic Orchestra, the performer spoke to South China Morning Post in an exclusive interview about music and her foray into acting, which led to winning two awards (Best New Performance and Best Supporting Actress) at this year's Hong Kong film awards.

Another highlight was getting her on camera with longtime collaborator and high school friend Alex Fung Hong-ming. Together, they reminisced about the times they would skip lunch just to sing, and even spoke about their endearing first impressions of each other.