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Top 5 videos of the week: from speed devil's skateboard stunt to the mysterious fireball over Bangkok's sky

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 September, 2015, 8:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 24 September, 2015, 9:59am

Every Saturday, the South China Morning Post presents its top video picks from and the web, highlighting news, features, mini-documentaries and more.

This week, we highlight a mysterious fireball that lights up the Bangkok sky (any guesses what it is?) and a skateboarder defying death by racing down a highway at a hair-whipping 112 kilometres per hour. 

Speed devil: skateborder races down the road at 112 km/h 

Talk about the need for speed. In this video, Zak Maytum, a 24-year-old longboarder, zips down a Colorado road at 112 km/h (70 miles per hour) seemingly without any padding or support, as cars occasionally whip past him. 

In some sections of the road, Maytum crouches lower and uses his gloved hands to touch the pavement, setting off sparks, and doing little twists on his skateboard.

The video has become an internet sensation, garnering 1 million views since it was uploaded on Monday. Watch if you dare!


Mysterious fireball blazes over Bangkok sky 

A huge fireball streaking across the sky was seen from various locations in Bangkok during rush hour on Monday morning. Several dashboard cameras caught the moment a fiery object appeared, its tip bursting into a larger flame, then disappearing from view behind a wall of buildings.

While it didn't seem to register a reaction among drivers (many of whom were probably keeping their eyes on the road), the incident sparked worldwide interest. CNN quoted an expert as saying the object is most likely to be "an object from outer space". Does it come in peace?


It's a moment you hope for when you get older: the love of your life, years on, still waiting to surprise you at the airport with flowers. 

Twitter user Valerie Jane captured such a heartwarming moment after covertly pointing her camera towards a silver-haired man who was waiting patiently at the airport arrivals lounge with a bouquet of pink roses in one hand. Though looking a bit out of place in the first few minutes, his face erupts into a big smile when he sees the person he has been waiting for -- his equally silver-haired wife -- and the two share a long hug and a kiss.

"This shows the epitome of love. My heart melted and it showed me that this kind of love exists. Hopefully these two lovely people who are in the video can see this," Jane said when she posted the clip on YouTube.

According to Buzzfeed, the couple, 80-year-old Bernard Mills and 75-year-old Carol Mills, live in California and met on eHarmony in 2010 after both lost their spouses.


Amateur video captures harrowing British Airways fire

In an aviation nightmare, an engine on a London-bound British Airways jet caught fire while the plane was preparing to take off from Las Vegas on Tuesday.

This amateur video shows thick black smoke billowing out of the jumbo jet and emergency slides released to allow passengers to escape. Fortunately, only two of the 172 people on board were taken to a hospital for minor injuries.


Miss Hong Kong Louisa Mak says Occupy Central 'was a special moment in Hong Kong history'

Lousia Mak, the 23-year-old Miss Hong Kong, might be the most talked about person in the city over the past two weeks since winning the crown.

The former Cambridge law graduate who once dreamed of becoming the city's leader, spoke to recently and talked about the pros and cons of being a straight-A student turned beauty queen and why she believed it was a good idea to see the Occupy Central movement for herself.