Editors picks: sonic/electronic cleansers

If beauty really is only skin-deep, these devices should ensure you are always looking your best

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 01 October, 2014, 10:09pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 June, 2018, 5:46pm

1. Clarisonic's Aria Face Cleaning Brus (HK$1,650) is the best for cleansing and exfoliating skin. It is not as abrasive as other devices that spin or vibrate. Patented sonic oscillation technology, with three speed controls and a range of replaceable brushes remove grime and polish the skin, leaving it fresh and smooth.

2. Foreo's Luna Facial-Cleansing and Anti-ageing System (HK$1,995, available at Joyce Beauty) offers a gentle and more subtle skincare approach. The colours represent the different patterns of the hygienic, silicone touch-point surfaces designed for different skin types. Its eight-speed pulse massages and boosts the skin's radiance.

3. Bliss' Pore-fector Gadget (HK$2,200) is a dual-action tool fitted with a metal vibrating plate, which is designed to cleanse skin by power-washing pores before massaging in products. Use the daily detoxifying facial toner that comes with the kit. The stronger vibrations scrape away impurities, and the lower frequency is best used after applying moisturisers and treatments.

4. Olay's Pro X Advanced Micro-derma and Deep Cleansing System (HK$369) is a basic two-speed spinning device with two replaceable heads — a facial cleansing brush and a foam head. The former is used with the cleanser to remove dirt and sebum, and the latter — aided by a gel created with a "crystal formula" — helps to exfoliate and unclog pores. Vanessa Yung and Kathy Gao

5. Philips' VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush (HK$1,298) stands out with its streamlined design and nice grip. The user-friendly brush is slightly angled for a smoother glide and for getting into creases more easily. It vibrates and rotates at the same time to reveal healthier-looking skin, and also improves microcirculation.

6. Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush (HK$1,100) is designed to work with the brand's skincare products. Gentle enough for all skin types, the oval-shaped brush makes it easy to cleanse nose, hairline and chin. The firmer and shorter green bristles are designed for oil-prone areas on the face, while the softer white bristles are for more delicate areas like the cheeks.

7. Dr Bauer Pobling Pore Sonic Cleanser (HK$198) gently vibrates the skin to cleanse facial pores. The heart-shaped brush is good for the cheeks but makes it trickier to clean the T-zone. While it's definitely cheaper and can be used with your daily cleansing products, it may not suit some sensitive skins.