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The Kinnet, Sheung Wan: 'wellness centre' with an all-day menu

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 18 June, 2015, 10:11am
UPDATED : Friday, 19 June, 2015, 10:14am

The Kinnet Cafe is a "wellness centre dedicated to active ageing", says Stephanie Tan, executive director of the establishment. "Throughout the day, we have members who have just enjoyed a workout or a creative class, so we want to serve an all-day menu that allows them to enjoy our favourite nutritious dishes."

Heading into The Kinnet Cafe, however, there are only scant clues that the facility is a wellness centre for old folk — posters in the lift leading to the third floor cafe may feature older models in their advertising for yoga and craft classes, but the cafe's light woods, clean lines and blackboard menu would work just as well in any office block or hip industrial space.

The cafe opens at 7.30am for breakfast, and offers lunch sets and early dinner, but dishes on the breakfast menu can be ordered any time during the day. Tan says that the avocado eggs Benedict is one the most popular breakfast items.

"We use organic eggs, and instead of hollandaise we have a healthy twist — we don't use butter to make the sauce, we make it with yoghurt. It is lighter and very satisfying."

There's also an all-day menu featuring salads, daily roast meats and fish, soups and tartines. In France, the latter is just a generic term for toast, but here, they are open-faced toasted sandwiches.

Tan suggests having the smoked salmon tartine, which uses house-smoked, sustainably farmed salmon, and pairing it with the Baobab Fizz, a cocktail that Tan says, "has health benefits, such as reducing starch digestion and the glycaemic response to carbo-rich foods".

For those with a sweet tooth, a tea set with health-conscious alternatives to classic desserts, such as coconut milk panna cotta and organic chocolate mousse, offers an afternoon boost.

The Kinnet Cafe, 3/F, 33 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, tel: 3968 7623. Open: Monday-Saturday 7.30am-9pm