Wine Tasting: Bottega wines from Veneto, Italy

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 June, 2015, 10:30pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 24 June, 2015, 11:02pm

Can your wine preference reveal your personality? A 2012 study by organisation French Wines with Style revealed some surprising results.

According to the survey based on 2,000 people in Britain, those who are partial to white wine tend to be generally content at work. They are single, enjoy staying at home and prefer to holiday in Britain. Personality wise, they are practical, intelligent and more withdrawn. Rosé drinkers love social networking, especially Facebook. They are single, approachable and fun-loving. Red wine drinkers enjoy overseas holidays and tend to be married. They are the most highly educated, the biggest earners and are more relaxed and confident. They also happen to drink the most. Learn more about your personality and try the following wines.

Sandro Bottega is the energetic 51-year-old owner of Bottega SpA, in the Veneto region of Italy and after 32 years he has not lost his enthusiasm. A self-confessed workaholic — he's on the road 200 days a year — he takes a hands-on approach to the family business. Over the years, Bottega has expanded the product range to include grappa, table wines, sparkling wines and liqueurs. It exports its drinks as far afield as Greenland and Tahiti. Bottega says he produces wines for young people. The wines are approachable and have a mass appeal. Bottega is passionate about design and the bottles make a statement. They are bold and dramatic, with daring packaging ranging from gold to studded leather labels. It is not just about appearance; the wines offer consistent quality and value for money.





Bottega Rosé

Attractive pale salmon colour. Strawberry, summer fruits. Medium- bodied with gentle bubbles. Off dry with subtle fruits. Easy and approachable. Will pair well with lighter foods, including sushi and sashimi. HK$168








Bottega Pinot Grigio delle Venezie IGP 2014

This wine offers good fruit ripeness and some personality. Notes of ripe peaches, melon, citrus and almonds. Medium-bodied, lemony notes with balanced acidity. Easy to drink with moderate alcohol levels. HK$158








Bottega Ripasso Valpolicella DOCG 2011

Made from the corvina grape with a little rondinella. Ripasso refers to the production method. The valpolicella is left to macerate on the skins and lees of fermented amarone wine, which induces a second fermentation and increases the alcohol level. It also deepens the colour and adds complexity and texture. Dark cherry, savoury notes. Full-bodied. Good fruit intensity, some woody tannin notes and a long finish. Very drinkable. Try with braised meats and cheese. HK$218

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