Restaurant review: The Cup - Korean, with price and spice just right

First Hong Kong branch of South Korean chain that's already spread to Southeast Asia and Europe offers a wide range of good-value food for diners in Hung Hom

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 22 July, 2015, 10:23pm
UPDATED : Monday, 02 October, 2017, 1:28pm

Opposite the student hostels of Polytechnic University, The Cup in Hung Hom offers a wide range of affordable Korean dishes.

This is the Seoul-based restaurant chain's first branch in the city after opening in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Germany and France. The local franchise is operated by Cafe de Coral.

As with that local eatery chain, The Cup has a fast-food vibe, with dishes served in paper box-shaped takeaway containers that are microwave safe. The restaurant is spacious, with modern white and green furnishings.

We enjoyed the soft tofu chigae (HK$55) with its spicy soup and generous portion of seafood, including clams, shrimp, cuttlefish and mussels. The sea whelk bibim noodle (HK$56) was also good. And the seafood tteokbokki (HK$62) went down well, too: the chewy, long cylindrical rice pasta was sweet, delicious and filling.

However, compared to the spicier dishes, seafood udon with beef bone soup (HK$55) was a little on the bland side.

In addition to the wide range of noodle dishes on offer, there are 12 kinds of rice to choose from. Sweet-spicy honey chicken rice (HK$52) was enjoyable; the deep-fried bird slathered in teriyaki sauce, mustard and honey.

For snacks, we liked the kimchi (HK$20) — which tasted home-made — and the spicy dakgangjeong (HK$62), deep-fried crispy chicken glazed in a sticky and spicy sauce.

But the mushroom salad (HK$46) with its too-sweet grapefruit dressing was disappointing.

Overall it was an enjoyable meal in a pleasant setting at affordable prices.

The Cup, shop 34, Site 3, Whampoa Garden, 7 Shung King Road, Hung Hom, tel: 2191 5344. Open: Monday to Sunday 11.30am-10pm