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Film review: Magic Mike XXL - male strippers stage a fun romp

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 22 July, 2015, 10:23pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 22 July, 2015, 10:23pm

What do you get when you stick five appealing male dancers on a bus and have them drive across the country for one last hurrah?

Magic Mike XXL picks up three years after the first film and sees stripper Mike Lane (Channing Tatum) hanging up his thong to devote himself to a life of custom furniture building and a happy relationship.

But things didn't go as planned. So when he hears that his former co-strippers are headed to Myrtle Beach for a male stripper expo, Lane decides to join the old gang, again played by Matt Bomer, Adam Rodriguez, Kevin Nash and Joe Manganiello.

Channing Tatum on the world of male stripping

Along the way, they pick up a couple of newcomers to the troupe, an emcee of sorts in Jada Pinkett Smith, and, of course, a girlfriend or two.

Where the first film had drug overdoses, betrayal and despair, this time around it's all existential angst. (After all, what are they going to do when the act gets old?) For the most part it's a fun romp of a road trip, with jaw-droppingly good dance routines, and lots and lots of eye candy for the ladies.

Sure, this is a movie made by a bunch of guys who think they know exactly what it takes to turn a woman on.

However, if you overlook the obvious flaw in that logic, XXL is simply a really good time, a one-night stand that you'll forget the next morning, but at least you won't regret.

Magic Mike XXL opens on July 23