Cooling Cantonese, Shunde specials, sake and oysters on offer

Susan Jung rounds up the special menus and dinners at Hong Kong restaurants

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 August, 2015, 11:06pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 August, 2015, 11:06pm

Lai Bun Fu in Central is serving cooling summer dishes including fresh Chinese yam with preserved plum and hawthorn sauce; iced whole abalone with hua diao wine sauce; steamed crab with egg and hua diao wine sauce (above); and assorted seafood soup with papaya. Bookings: 2564 3868

The Chinese Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency in Tsim Sha Tsui is also serving Cantonese summer dishes until the end of August. Guests can try steamed prawn with egg white in mini pumpkin; braised clam with dried scallops and long melon in supreme broth (below); deep-fried crab-filled lychee; and stir-fried scallops with fragrant night flower, longan and lily bulbs. Bookings: 3721 7788

Sake lovers should book seats for the Kowloon Shangri-La dinners at Nadaman on August 21, and Shang Palace on August 26. Featuring Nabeshima sake from Saga prefecture, the six-course Nadaman dinner is HK$1,680 plus 10 per cent, with dishes such as grilled Miyazaki wagyu sirloin steak, with Nabeshima junmai daiginjo Yamada Nishiki; and steamed matsutake mushroom rice with egg sauce, with Nabeshima junmai ginjo Aiyama. Bookings: 2733 8751

The six-course dinner at Shang Palace is HK$888 plus 10 per cent and focuses on Tengumai sake from Ishikawa prefecture. The meal includes braised duck leg with Chinese herbs, served with Tengumai Yukanpaku; while wok-fried Pacific clams and prawns with black truffle paste are paired with Tengumai junmai umajun. Bookings: 2733 8754

On August 29, the Oyster & Wine Bar at the Sheraton in Tsim Sha Tsui will have an oyster feast, with proceeds donated to Unicef. The freshly shucked oysters from France and the US will be served with premium wines, including Dom Perignon 2005. The event is HK$1,088. Bookings: 2369 1111 ext 3145

Guest chef Luo Funan is cooking Shunde specialities at One Harbour Road at the Grand Hyatt in Wan Chai until September 4. The menu includes steamed pork marinated in Chinese rice wine and herbs (above); slow-cooked roast goose simmered with black vinegar sauce; stewed mud carp with conpoy; stir-fried clams with preserved meats, water chestnuts and chilli paste in lettuce cups; and stewed milk custard with ginger. Bookings: 2584 7722