Top 5 films to watch in Hong Kong this week: August 20-26

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 August, 2015, 11:06pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 September, 2015, 6:00pm

1. The Double Life of Veronique

Irene Jacob plays mythical double roles in Krzysztof Kieslowski's 1991 classic, a heart-stoppingly beautiful film about such metaphysical issues as destiny, identity and existence. (August 22 & 26, part of Summer IFF)

2. Slow West

A masterful debut by musician-turned-filmmaker John Maclean, this Western starring Michael Fassbender transcends its European roots with strange and wonderful twists. (August 23, part of Summer IFF)

3. While We're Young

Middle-aged underachievers meet twenty-something hipsters in Noah Baumbach's age-anxiety comedy, which paints an earnestly unflattering picture of either side of the generation gap. (Opens on August 20)

4. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

It's escapist entertainment at its most stylish: Guy Ritchie's classy reboot of the 1960s TV spy series makes the most of an anti-bromance between a CIA operative and his KGB counterpart. (Now showing)

5. Wild City

While it doesn't break any new ground with its cops-and-robbers premise, Ringo Lam Ling-tung's first feature in 12 years as a solo director is a solid crime thriller peppered with cracking action sequences. (Opens on August 20)