A crêpe escape in our own backyard

Vanessa Yung

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 October, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 09 October, 2013, 8:48pm

Jian bing, the Chinese-style crêpe, is a staple of the Beijing street food scene. But it wasn't until Brian Goldberg brought the treat to Hong Kong last year that we could get a taste of it without hopping on a plane.

At Mr Bing all the creations are made to order in front of you. The batter is spread over a hot pan before black sesame and spring onion are added. An egg is cracked and spread evenly over it. After flipping it, the sauce, condiments and toppings are added and then the rims are folded inwards.

The original bing (HK$20) is traditionally made with a batter of green bean flour and fresh coriander, tofu sauce and chilli sauce.

But Goldberg has come up with batters made with millet flour, buckwheat flour and purple rice. Innovations include the cha chaan bing (HK$20) - with peanut butter and condensed milk - and the Shanghai bing (HK$30), with deep-fried dough, pork floss and pickled radish. We tried the Peking duck bing (HK$35). The duck sauce, cucumber chunks and duck slices were delicious.

Vanessa Yung ([email protected])

Mr Bing, LG/F 83 Wellington Street, Central. Tel: 2568 8248. Open: 8.30am-10pm (from 10.30am on Saturday and Sunday); shop 6C, Southorn Centre, 113 Johnston Road, Wan Chai. Tel: 2568 0455. Open: Sunday 9am-9pm, Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm