Bar review: Rummin' Tings has more than 80 varieties of rum and good bar food

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 October, 2014, 11:06pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 October, 2014, 11:33pm

Rummin’ Tings
28 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2523 7070


The vibe: brought to you by the guys behind Fatty Crab, Rummin' Tings is just as hip as its New York-inspired cousin. Crustaceans have been replacecd by a Caribbean theme, lending the bar a classy St Barts cocktails-by-the-beach feel, and definitely not a "let's don an eye-patch and throw a pirate-themed birthday party" thing. At Rummin' Tings, it's bright colours, urban music and beautiful people.

The drinks: if you think rum is just about piña coladas, it's time to school up. There are more than 80 varieties here, including white, golden and dark. The Kraken Black spiced rum (HK$120) was so delicious, it was almost like a dessert, while the Chamarel golden (aged in oak barrels for four years) was a punchy number. Once your rum diary is written, move on to the cocktails.

The Ramping Shop (Angostura Reserva Rum, watermelon, shado beni — a Caribbean herb also known as culantro — and lime, HK$90) comes in the signature Rummin' tin mug. But let's not forget the Tings in this equation: some of the best bar food we've had in Hong Kong. We'd recommend the saltfish accra fritters (HK$70), and the steamed clams (probably the least Caribbean ting on the menu).

The verdict: Rummin' Tings owners were worried people might mistakenly think it was called Ramen and Wings. With Caribbean offerings as good as this, not a chance.