Over the mooncakes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 September, 2015, 10:16pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 September, 2015, 10:16pm


With Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, there are some great innovative mooncake options besides the egg custard and lotus paste fillings. La Maison du Chocolat is offering the exclusive Moonchocolate collection, featuring a bite-sized yutu (jade rabbit) and cinnamon tree in the Parisian chocolatier's interpretation of the legend behind the festival. Another French-inspired alternative are the Mooncarons at A La Bakery. They're made from all-natural ingredients with a caramelised crust, a custard centre and topped with a macaron, and are available in flavours including pistachio, vanilla, lemon, toffee, strawberry and chocolate.