Zen-like perfection: Inagiku Grande in Central

Tracey Furniss

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 March, 2016, 10:43pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 March, 2016, 11:09pm

FARE Japanese sushi and teppanyaki.

AMBIENCE Muted lights create a Zen-like ambience enhanced by Edo-style artwork blending with modern Japanese works. A main teppanyaki station where diners can watch the chefs at work is the centrepiece, with several teppanyaki counters in private rooms. There are floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the harbour.

WHO TO BRING Guests to impress.

COST Omakase menu about HK$1,680, depending on the dishes, without a drink.

TURN-ONS The plates are beautifully presented. The omakase menu started on a positive note with a range of flavours and textures of crispy whitebait, tender baby octopus, soft uni with uni mousse, crunchy bamboo shoots and deliciously sweet black bean. Next was a warming cod roe clear soup with a generous helping of thick buttery cod roe. The fatty tuna, yellow tail and red eye snapper sashimi was presented on ice and deliciously fresh. The eggplant, green pepper, sweet potato and shrimp tempura was light and crispy, but arguably the best dish was the spring vegetables on top of Mizayaki wagyu beef that melted in the mouth. We ended with Sakura shrimp with steamed rice, a crab hotpot with spinach and bean curd, and a refreshing honeydew melon jelly with mandarin sorbet.

TURN-OFFS The crab hot pot was lukewarm even though it was presented over a mini flame that emanated a lot of heat.

DRINKS Sake and wine pairing is available.



Level 4, Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central, 2805 0600