Simply amazing: Rozan in Wan Chai

Tracey Furniss

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 March, 2016, 10:43pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 March, 2016, 11:09pm

FARE Omakase - sushi and sashimi.

AMBIENCE The 12-seater L-shaped sushi bar dominates the sleek, modern interior, with one table seating four to one side of the room.

COST HK$1,880 or HK$2,380 for omakase.

WHO TO BRING Friends, business associates or a date.

TURN-ONS Chef Masataka Fujisawa is one of a kind, creating the most amazing sushi and sashimi dishes. He chops the fish instead of slicing it to enhance the flavour. The omakase menu changes depending on ingredients available or new ideas Fujisawa has. We start with a refreshing squid with egg white, miso and vinegar followed by a smooth filefish liver. The ingredients here are the freshest you will find. We loved the sweet tender golden eye snapper with tofu skin in fish bone sauce and the contrasting flavours with the squid with sea salt and lime juice. Fujisawa took out a case of umi and made the fattest umi rolls I have seen. He placed it on our hands to eat. It was deliciously fresh and perhaps the best I have tried. The trout and ocean perch were melt-in-the mouth tender and the hairy crab and king crab roll with salt marinade was also a winner. The Spanish mackerel with smoked pickle was one of my favourite dishes, as was the marinated fatty tuna. The baby sea bream and sea eel were also fresh and delicious. Service is excellent too.


The Oakhill, 28 Wood Road, Wan Chai, 2574 1333

TURN-OFFS The cold fish milt is not for everyone.

DRINKS Ask the sommelier for a sake or wine pairing. 


The Oakhill, 28 Wood Road, Wan Chai, 2574 1333