Chefs' sweet indulgences evoke fond memories of childhood favourites

Tracey Furniss

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 September, 2016, 8:02pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 November, 2016, 11:54am

We love it when innovative chefs take some of our favourite sweet indulgences and work their magic to produce creative desserts that add that extra special bite at the end a meal.

We especially like it when those sweet delights evoke memories from our childhood - who says adults need to put away those childlike things, like dipping into the Nutella - so thank you chef Alex Liu at Bao Bei, who has wrapped that gorgeous guilty pleasure up in crêpes with bananas and offers banana Nutella crêpe wontons on his menu.

"This creation is inspired from my childhood disaster when I was making this dessert at home and I had cream all over my face and basically everything I touched," Liu says. "This is why we wanted to create bite-size crêpes where eaters can taste all the flavour in one bite without having to create the mess which I did when I was young."

"Crêpe is my favourite dessert, with any kind of filling and toppings. I like the chewiness and texture of the crêpe and the distinct profile that it creates with the cream. We also finish the dessert with a candy wrapped at the top of the crêpe which normally is a string," he says.

Over at Akrame, chef Lise Deveix takes every child's favourite chocolate and meringue to create a sophisticated balance of flavours. "Working with chef Akrame Benallal, we can say that he is the architect while I am the engineer," says Deveix, who has worked with the Michelin-star chef for three years, in Paris and Hong Kong. "He is full of ideas, my part is just shaping his ideas and making them reality in his Hong Kong kitchen."

She has shaped the chocolate, herb and meringue dish on the new brunch menu by doing something gourmet but light.

They use a dark and milk chocolate custard topped with one layer of light Chantilly, lemon meringue and herbs ice cream with some sunflower seeds. She says: "We chose to use chocolate for the gourmet part and herbs for the light part, which is fresh and perfect [even in hot weather]. We added meringue to the mix to give it a crunchy texture."