Hong Kong’s Cuisine Cuisine offers chance to savour meal

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 April, 2017, 12:14pm
UPDATED : Monday, 03 April, 2017, 12:15pm

A sleek and earthly design with a view of Kowloon Park, the restaurant exudes a relaxing atmosphere. Situated at the heart of one of Hong Kong’s shopping districts, Cuisine Cuisine offers an unhurried lunch break.

COST HK$528 for the set lunch.

WHO TO BRING Business associates, colleagues and friends.

TURN-ONS We tried the Cuisine Cuisine Chef’s set lunch menu that included some tasty dishes. The Sichuan-style noodles with minced pork and peanuts in spicy soup stood out the most. It offered the right balance between peanut and piquant, though some may prefer adding their renowned home-made XO or chilli sauce to the mix. Chef Edwin Tang’s choice of noodles was great as they did not turn soggy as we leisurely enjoyed the dish.

The fried rice with foie gras, barbecued pork and shrimps was prepared with care - not too oily, which is often the major complaint for this particular dish. We were looking forward to the sautéed wagyu beef chuck with asparagus in XO chilli sauce (it came with a distinct pâté taste), which did not disappoint.

The crispy taro puff with diced chicken and foie gras came to us light and fluffy, which offers a
contrast to the chilled fungus in vinegar and honey-glazed barbecued pork in their appetiser ensemble. To round off our meal, we were served a typical Chinese dessert with a Cuisine Cuisine twist: a chilled Champagne jelly and mango pudding topped with pomelo and sago in coconut juice that went down

TURN-OFFS The honey-glazed
barbecued pork at the start was a bit fatty.

DRINKS In addition to an extensive wine list, Cuisine Cuisine offers a selection of Chinese wines such as Moutai, National Cellar 1573 and Wu Liang Ye.