Hong Kong gets poked: Aloha showcases Pacific cuisine in Hong Kong

Hong Kong diners love sushi and sashimi, and poke, or Hawaiian raw fish salad, is basically a Westernised version of chirashi

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 June, 2017, 4:48pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 June, 2017, 2:24pm

The latest food trend to hit Hong Kong is poke, Hawaiian raw fish salad, which reflects the culturally diverse Pacific archipelago. It is no surprise that this city has taken to it - Hong Kong diners have loved sushi and sashimi, and poke is basically the Westernised version of chirashi.

The newest poke kid on the block is Aloha, which has taken a prime location in SoHo. The big window and brightly lit space make this restaurant stand out, and inside, light-coloured wooden tables and grey stainless steel chairs are matched with white and ocean-blue walls. It is a casual place: you order from and pay at the cashier, take your seat, and wait for bowls of goodness to be served.

The menu is straightforward. There are three types of raw fish - salmon (HK$85), tuna (HK$80) and yellowtail (HK$90) - the meat is chopped into little cubes and dressed in dressings made from Japanese condiments such as shoyu, ponzu and wasabi. Each recipe can be served on a bed of sushi rice, brown rice, quinoa or salad. Vegetarians may opt for tofu with goma ponzu (a citrus-flavoured sesame paste) and shiso guacamole.

The salmon - yuzu miso with avocado and crispy shallots - was a triumph in flavour and texture.

The citrus acidity and savoury richness danced well together, and the smoothness of the avocado was punctuated by the al dente brown rice. Tuna with goma ponzu went perfectly well with the smooth and gummy white rice.

The ginger soy-dressed yellowtail had a nice punch and was refreshing to eat with a salad. We added a runny-yolk egg (HK$10) on top for texture. Cooked black cod (HK$115) or salmon ($85) with miso and pickles is

also available.

The standard drink is Suntory beer (HK$68; two for one after 4pm, Mon-Fri, and weekends), and sakes. Lotus root and taro chips (HK$35) and crispy rice with spicy tuna (HK$60) snacks complement the drinks.

Aloha Restaurant

51 Graham Street, Central, 9386 8984