Dim sum at Mott32 is an experience to be savoured

This quiet oasis within the bustling city serves delicious cuisine and offers a reprieve from the levels of noise that usually accompany dim sum eating

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 05 September, 2017, 7:34am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 05 September, 2017, 7:33am

FARE Quality dim sum in a suave, urban setting. AMBIENCE Cool, dark and uber-urban. COST HK$732 for two people, including drinks.WHO TO BRING Visiting friends and family looking for a brief respite from the usual too-bright and too-loud dim sum outings, complete with crying children and incomprehensible shouting. TURN-ONS Entering the underground lair of Mott 32 is an experience: going down the escalators makes us feel as if we have been spirited away from hot and humid Hong Kong into a cool, dark secret lair. The service was impeccable, as was the food. The king prawn har gao was succulent and tender; the hot-and-sour xiao long bao with Iberico pork was deliciously juicy; the Australian wagyu beef puff came with a wonderfully crisp yet light shell and the beef stuffing was rich and full of flavour. The pan-fried turnip cake with Dong Guan sausage, dried scallops and shrimp was firm yet melted in the mouth. TURN-OFFS The crispy sugar-coated bun stuffed with barbecued Iberico pork was fluffy, but the sugar coating was too flaky and the sweetness overshadowed the flavour of the pork. The flaky egg tarts, for dessert, were generic and a little bland for us. DRINKS The tea menu, filled with house tea, premium tea and deluxe, offers a good range of options. We had the house tie guan yin oolong tea, which was fragrant and light. There was also a delightful range of cocktails and juices. We particularly enjoyed the Juniper Fizz (Tanquery gin, lemon, soda and grapefruit) and the Mango Paradise (mocktail of mango, guava, yuzu and dill).