Robatayaki restaurant’s Japanese set menu delights Kowloon diners with savoury blowfish and tender beef

Hung Hom restaurant’s open grills draw visitors to tasty cod, crunchy vegetables and a varied drinks list

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 16 November, 2017, 11:04am
UPDATED : Thursday, 16 November, 2017, 11:04am

FARE Japanese robatayaki. AMBIENCE Traditional Japanese rustic décor with oak furniture. Large open grills at one end, where guests can sit around, order the fresh produce on display and watch the chefs preparing the food. Although this restaurant is part of the Harbour Grand Kowloon hotel, it is actually located in a building opposite. COST The special set menu includes sashimi, tempura (prawn and vegetables), robatayaki (dried blowfish, asparagus, cod fish, chicken skewers, rib-eye beef), noodles (udon) and dessert, all for HK$750. WHO TO BRING Colleagues, friends and perfect for small gatherings. TURN-ONS The assorted sashimi (salmon, yellow tail and sweet shrimp) was fresh and outstanding with proper serving sizes. Among the five types of robatayaki, we liked the dried blowfish in particular for its savoury flavour and chewy texture. The cod fish was another delight with a mild taste and smooth texture. The rib-eye beef was tasty and tender and well grilled, as ordered. The asparagus in foil was tasty and retained some crunch and tenderness. TURN-OFFS The chicken skewers slightly lacked flavour and were overwhelmed by the sweet sauce, while the batter of the tempura was a bit too thick. The four-seater tables along the corridor are too small for four people. DRINKS A variety of whiskies, wines, beers, juices and soft drinks. A selection of sake is also available.