Pinot Duck pairs tasty surprises with fine wines in Wan Chai

The wok-fried beef tenderloin is a symphony of flavours and the Xian lamb skewers are worth a try, but the duck crêpes would be tastier with less hoisin sauce

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 June, 2018, 12:02pm
UPDATED : Monday, 18 June, 2018, 12:01pm

New to Wan Chai’s dining scene, Pinot Duck offers a wide range of duck dishes paired with fine wines. We started with the Peking duck taco (HK$88), consisting of minced duck, jalapeño and salsa served in a hard taco shell. While we expected pulled duck, as the menu described, the minced duck was a tasty surprise.

Our next appetiser was the classic crêpe wraps (HK$68), which were served the traditional way, with strips of cucumber, leek and way too much hoisin sauce, which drowned the duck flavour. However, the half order of the classic Peking duck (HK$250) was tasty.

The duck was presented with an array of condiments such as sugar, black pepper sauce, fried garlic, fresh garlic, cucumber, leek and hoisin sauce. We enjoyed assembling the duck and sauces in the crêpes. Next, we tasted the well-seasoned and tender Xian lamb skewers (HK$108), which were served with cumin and wasabi yogurt. For mains, we ordered the wok-fried beef tenderloin (HK$108) which was served with scallions, Sichuan pepper, chilli, and leek, and created a delectable symphony of flavours. The oven-roasted free-range chicken (HK$208) was also flavourful as it was served with black truffle paste and sautéed wild mushrooms. For dessert, we ordered the crème brûlée (HK$78) which was infused with hints of preserved Chinese tangerine zest, creating a sweet and tangy flavour. We also ordered the golden almond fingers (HK$68) which were served with half of a fresh passion fruit as a dipping sauce.