Goa Nights brings exotic flavours of India in Macau’s historic Taipa

Small plates were served with crusty bread, and ranged from pork sorpotel – a Goan curry of Portuguese origin – to spicy rechado shrimps

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 September, 2018, 6:10pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 September, 2018, 10:50am


118 Rua Correia da Silva, Taipa, Macau

+853 2856 7819

Taipa Village is a great escape from Macau’s big developments and reveals much about the city’s heritage. The quaint village consists of three-storey houses and shopfronts, some of which have been converted into restaurants and art galleries. The architecture is a mix of Chinese and Portuguese on cobbled streets, and is a sharp contrast to the modernity of the neighbouring Cotai Strip.

Goa Nights has opened in Taipa, serving flavours of Goa and other parts of India. The ground-floor bar is a good place to start the evening, and its cocktail menu includes flavours of colonial Portuguese places. We tried the potent whiskey sour evoking Mozambique with blueberry, red wine syrup with egg white on the rocks. The Goa-influenced bourbon wash with chorizo fat and crème de cassis was also strong, so take some bar snacks to absorb its alcohol. The Goa Nights nachos was tasty tortilla with tikka masala, pickled onions, labneh topped with mint, tandoori mayo, Parmesan and goats’ cheese, with a choice of chicken or paneer. The chicken tikka sliders were also good.

The cool and airy upstairs restaurant has a view of the village through French windows and a small balcony. The friendly staff presented the dishes efficiently. Small plates were served with crusty bread, and ranged from pork sorpotel – a Goan curry of Portuguese origin – to rechado shrimps, which are spicy and tangy.

The large plates were also good. We had chicken tikka masala, fish curry, and railway lamb, a slow-roasted spice curry with tender meat and full of flavour. The spinach and corn curry was spiced with cumin and ginger, and the vegetable biryani did not disappoint. The side dishes included chorizo or mint rice, dal makhani – a creamy black lentil dish that is slow cooked and flavoured with spices. The breads are flavoured with choices of bacon naan, goats’ cheese kulcha and spinach and cheese kulcha.

Try the fine bebinca, a classic layered Goan dessert. We had it downstairs at the bar, where the award-winning mixologist prepared a few more for the road.