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Best of the Best: Quotes from the Most Prominent People in Hong Kong

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 06 October, 2016, 4:24pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 5:29pm

Over the past quarter of a century, we’ve talked to many of the coolest, most influential and occasionally most provocative people in Hong Kong. These are just a few of the best quotes from our always compelling interviews.

“I feel that I am doing my bit to protect the home that we all love.”
Anson Chan, former Chief Secretary

“There is not enough hope being expressed in public. Hong Kong deserves more.”—Chong Chan-yau, President of the Hong Kong Blind Union 

“Oh, there are so many things China needs to work on. Too many.”
Liza “Big Sister” Wang, actress and Chairman of the Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong

“I have no plans to drink up my whole cellar before I die. That would be too ambitious.” —Henry Tang, former Chief Secretary and Chief Executive contender 

“I like shooting [photos] at night because personalities change then. A banker in the morning can be a drunk asshole in LKF when the sun goes down.”
Xyza Cruz Bacani, photographer and domestic helper

“I could succeed even if I were selling wonton noodles.”—Ken Ng, founder of cram school empire Modern Education

“If I could have a heart-to-heart with my parents, I would say that I want to feel loved. Not just be loved, but feel loved. There’s a difference.” 
Leung Chai-yan, daughter of Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying

“I’ve seen the movie ‘Rock Star.’ Everywhere I went people were like, ‘you have to see this movie, it’s your life.’ And it is.”—Arnel Pineda, former cover band singer, now lead vocalist of Journey 

“If you think it is worth it to speak up, and you believe you can make a change, then go for it.”
Gregory Wong, actor

“I don’t feel lonely. I have always been on my own.”—“Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung, lawmaker

“We do what we can to fix what’s missing in society, like fixing holes in a wok.”
“Ming Gor” Chan Cheuk-ming, restaurant owner and philanthropist

“I’ve never thought about being a ‘gay icon.’ I don’t do what I do to be an icon.”—Anthony Wong, singer and LGBTI activist 

“I was arrogant because I knew I was smart.”
Jasper Tsang, former president of the Legislative Council

“The system was designed to defeat the Chief Executive. He or she can’t do exactly what they want because they don’t have a party behind them.”—Allan Zeman, “The Father of Lan Kwai Fong”

“I would never have imagined that I could start something this big as a 15-year-old.”
Joshua Wong, student activist

“Every time a single woman joins Legco, she leaves single.”—Tanya Chan, lawmaker

“I didn’t know that I was mainly remembered for egg tarts. But there are plenty of worse things to be remembered for.”
Chris Patten, last Governor of Hong Kong

“As soon as I stepped off the airplane, Hong Kong was my home.”
Gregory Charles Rivers, actor

“My most famous movie line is ‘Don’t call me gweilo.’”—Michael Wong, actor 

“What do I value the most in life? Women.”
Christopher Doyle, master cinematographer

“Happiness in Hong Kong is when you have your finger on the ‘door close’ button as you see someone running towards it.”—Vivek Mahbubani, comedian 

“The Hong Kong spirit of helping each other out is something that was lost for a long time. But that’s making a return.”
Denise Ho, Cantopop singer and activist

“Jesus and I are the same: we’re both the opposition.”—“Mad Dog” Raymond Wong, former lawmaker 

“I want to liberate everyone from ‘black-or-white’ concepts of gender.”
Joanne Leung, transgender politician and activist