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Actress Shu Qi

Shu Qi, the brazenly sexy actress from Taiwan, sat down with Jan Leung to talk about her movies and what’s truly sexy.

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 4:00pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 October, 2016, 1:43pm

I was born in Taiwan in 1974.

My new movie... What’s it called? [“The Forest of Death.”] Oh, that one...

It was done a long time ago. Bad memory... And what’s my name in the movie, again?

A heroic cop crossing the line in order to find the murderer with a traumatized past killing people one by one in a delicate cat-and-mouse game. That pretty much summarizes most thrillers, I would say.

Entertainment is leaving your brain alone. I just want to have a good laugh while watching movies. That’s why Disney cartoons are my favorite. Mystery and suspense – they defeat the whole purpose.

Not everyone can afford to be stubborn. This world is full of constraints, and sometimes you lose control of your life.

I cannot steal, kill, and get in fights. Reality is harsh.

I enjoy being an actress except when I am doing promotions, which is about 50 percent of the job.

Paparazzi suck. They are everywhere. They disturb my family. They don’t have a life and don’t want me to have one either.

I like staying at home. I can stay home for four days straight when I feel like it.

I hate exercising. Never liked it. It demands so much effort. I absolutely would not exercise if I didn’t need to keep my figure. I exercise three times a week purely on an as-needed basis.

Actresses do eat. But not much... And definitely not on the day I need to do a photo shoot.

If I were given the chance to eat without gaining an ounce, I would go back to Taiwan and devour all street stall snacks possible.

I am not ambitious. I tend to go with the flow. I mean, at least after I won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actress.

Real life is not a war. Not all people are obsessed sociopaths dedicated to making it to the top.

There is more than one way to succeed. If a pretty face and a nice figure were the “musts” in the old days, that doesn’t mean that is necessarily true today. Just look at the “Supergirl” [singing contests] in China.

Fame is very unpredictable. Many people turn famous unexpectedly. A singer may do a smash hit song and find themselves so rich they can just chill for the next 10 years.

It is hard to see oneself. I don’t think one can fully realize their own talents... I guess acting is my talent, but I am not sure.

No, imagining weird things is not a talent. Acting is just you imagining weird things.

I feel sexy whenever I've done it... I mean, get my makeup and wardrobe done.

Love can be enslaving. If you really fall in love with a person, you would do everything for him. If you wouldn’t, it means you don’t love him enough. No matter how self-centered a person is, he or she would lose themselves if they met someone they love dearly.

There are people who like to be dominated. I have seen many... Some people feel good when they get yelled at.

There aren’t any good or bad lovers, only compatible or incompatible ones.

Tony Leung [Chiu-wai] is sexy... There is something about his eyes that gives out that message. Chow Yun-fat is not sexy. You’re nuts.

Hollywood was never my dream. And I wonder if it ever will be.

Everything tastes good when it is hot. Everyday there are people killing themselves because of failed relationships... Give them six months or a year, and they will wonder, “What the hell I was thinking?”

Being sexy is not about squeezing up your two lumps of flesh till they reach your jaw. That is flesh-flaunting.

I don’t like muscular guys with six-pack abs, tendons swelling on their arms and practically living in the gym... Yuck! Guys, be natural.

My advice for girls in their 20s: Have as much fun as you can! I am not talking about getting knocked up by a different guy every night. Women have a limited youth – try new and different things whenever you can.

Indecisive guys piss me off. I hate deciding for someone else, as if I am not busy enough with my own life.

Don’t make me go shopping for half a day. Just kill me.

Say I need a dress. I go to the nearest store, grab a dress off the rack, try it on if fitting is an absolute must, and check out at the counter. Total time, including traffic: less than an hour.

Love is a small part of life. I am pretty rational about that. I won’t spoil the other twenty-three hours of my day for an hour of love.

Having a handsome boyfriend is a hell of a lot of work. They are like a delicate vase you keep at home. You have to match it with beautiful flowers, change its water every day. And every night you have nightmares about breaking it by accident.